Eline Muijres: communications manager

I’ve worked with Sabina on a lot of events, big and small in terms of scale. Sabina is a very professional event organizer, making sure all wishes are met.
She managed all the planning and practical organization, taking care of the details, so I could concentrate on what I do best – we had a very effective workflow. She’s friendly, supportive, flexible, and a great listener – excellent people skills. Her enthusiasm & cheerfulness affected our team in a positive way. With Sabina, you can be sure that your event is in capable hands.

Willemijn van Breda: architectuurhistorica, gids, tentoonstellingmaker

Reeds een aantal jaren kan ik rekenen op goede communicatie adviezen van mevrouw Dirks. Daarbij heb ik meerdere malen bij Eventina aangeklopt voor inspirerende idee├źn om events te organiseren.

Bor Verkroost: CEO 1-up: Game- en media consultancy

On several projects I had the pleasure of working together with Sabina, who always proved to be a dedicated and hard worker. She has a wide expertise on a variety of topics like (international) marketing and conceptdevelopment. Her quick grasp of new markets and easygoing character allow her to handle all sorts of clients, whether they are commercial or more public-related. This also gives her a huge advantage in customer-relations in general. Time and again Sabina proved to be a very valuable addition to any workforce!

Anethea Veeman-Hodges, Legal Advisor

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sabina as a colleague at Streamline and as a client of Exobia Legal Services. She is exactly the forward-thinking and concientious co-worker anyone would want to work with. She has excellent communication skills and the ability to clearly stipulate her requirements while fulfilling what is required of her–an A++ client!

Jessica Tams, Managing Director Casual Games Association

Sabina’s knowledge, experience, execution and negotiating skills are phenomenal. Sabina is one thing we miss about doing business in Holland.

Juan van Vessem, Bureau Manager Connect Technisch Uitzendbureau

Sabina Dirks is best to be describes as a talented professional. At first she immediately shows competence in analysing the true needs of a company or department. She listens well and is a skillful interviewer. Her communicative gentle approach is unique. Sabina organise things within time and has no hidden agenda. I strongly recommend her services, for the branches Events, PR, Marketing and Communication as well Recruitment.

Nills Delzenne, CEO KapaCity

Sabina is een zeer hardwerkende en altijd vrolijke collega. Zij geeft altijd 110% daarom noemen wij haar Disciplina.

Barry ten Hoope, Medewerker Stuur-/Managementinformatie ING Nederland

Sabina is een professionele, geïnspireerde en hard werkende event organisator die het verschil maakt door haar oog voor detail en het perfect afstemmen van de wens naar de behoeften.

Ricardo Makosi, Founder Tjupakabra Games

When you talking about professional copywriting, creating attractive campaigns, delivering orginal innovative ideas, include social networking and also hostess and organise events, Sabina has it all. She is very professional, dedicated and always aware of the next marketingcommunication step for your business.